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BookCrossing Convention April 07 in Charleston SC's Journal
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Date:2007-04-24 05:16
Subject:bc con 2007 - friday april 20

here are some more pix from the convention from the first day

click on the picture to see them

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Date:2007-04-22 22:14
Subject:bc con 2007 - tea with mary whyte

one of the oldest structures in charleston, houses mary whyte's gallery.  on friday i was able to check out mary's work, her wonderful garden, meet a real life guilder, chat with bcers, and have some really good tea. 

thanks so much to the charleston team who made this possible. oh yes, and i bought a book - surprised?

click on the picture to see more ...

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Date:2007-04-22 08:05
Subject:Trivia Contest

I have to say I will never think of the word uvula and Skyring in the same sentence again without falling off my chair laughing!

The night was great fun, even though our team lost, we did so with style and panache!

Netstation, gizmopuddy, Molyneux, Mikestrolligen and his lovely wife were kind enough to let me join their team and I'm so glad I did.  Even though other tables were decidely more...."energetic and vocal"....I think our team rocked!

Hugs to all of you.

Enz aka cestmoi

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Date:2007-04-21 12:10

Day 2. I just want to say this is an amazing convention, an amazing group of people.

Amy and her team have outdone themselves.

Enza aka cestmoi

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Date:2007-04-20 10:41
Subject:Posted this last night but put it in my LJ instead of this one
Mood: cheerful

Since it's so late, I'm not going to do a real journal entry. That can wait until tomorrow. But Reggie did get some good pictures tonight at the get-together in the bar. :)

Here's a picture of Skyring and me. Click on it to go to more at flickr. They're public so anyone can see them.

Skyring & Realbookworm

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Date:2007-04-18 09:15

Okay, I have to run around town picking up stuff from local businesses for the convention goodie bags. And make a final check on the cake from the bakery. And I have to pack still! And I have a gazillion books to register! Crap, one of the raffle prizes is still on my closet shelf, and I just KNOW I'm going to forget it! And I have to get the car cleaned before it's fit to pick up conventioneers at the airport. Why oh why did I not notice days ago that it's seriously disgustingly groaty???

*runs around in a panic like a chicken*


See you all here in Charleston soon! *BOING!*

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Date:2007-04-17 12:45
Subject:Last Minute Crash?

I've lost my roommate but still have a room at the convention hotel. Any female bookcrosser who doesn't have a place to land on Friday or Saturday give me a hollar. My BC name is ThanksMom.

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Date:2007-04-17 08:13
Subject:Stop Stressing!
Mood: excited

I've seen a few more comments here and there of people worrying over what to pack, and vacillating between their comfy usual and trying to look "nice" for meeting their far-flung friends. Stop it. If you want to go out somewhere "fancy" one night, pack something for that, but be COMFORTABLE the rest of the time.

I want to laugh and talk with you - not watch you fidgeting with a blouse you haven't worn in three years because it's scratchy.

Just to make you feel better, here is my spring uniform:

I have these baggy cotton teeshirt material cropped pants. With a drawstring waist. That have a hoodie in case it gets chilly. I wear them with a teeshirt. They look like pajamas, or maybe yoga pants. They are so comfy that I have about four sets of them.

I'm packing some of my semi-nicer khaki pants, but yegods, I'd have to IRON them! I often can't be arsed to do that. So chances are you'll see me running around like usual in my comfy baggy tee-pants and a teeshirt, in either flip-flops or my slide-on Nikes.

Bring your lovely selves, plenty of books, some sunglasses and sunscreen, and a sense of humor. That's all that's required.

Relax. This is going to be fun!

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